Our story

We are family run business with literally decades of experience in the butchery retail and restaurant supply chain.

Sam Bowyer is front of house and Master-Butcher, Sister Rebecca Harrison... the "Lady Butcher" and also Martin Harrison looking after commercial and accounts.

The Shop is fitted out with a state-of-the-art and our customers will be able to see our preparation area and maturing fridge through an full length window. Customers are able to utilise this fridge to age there meat for there own personal taste by choosing a piece of meat, tagging there name and date for when they would wish to collect.  

Little Pigs - The Didsbury Butchers will shamelessly aspire to the premium end of the marketplace, looking at innovative styles associated with new products and responding to contemporary cooking styles. We will fuse the traditional with the modern and look to advise and recommend where appropriate and create that sense of community and one-stop shop appeal that should go with artisan or specialist producer with a sense of trust, expertise and moreover value.

While "premium" indicates is some mind sets high-end cost then we make the distinction more in terms of supply chain, trace-ability, quality assurance, animal welfare and moreover the expertise and quality of butchery in the shop. Little Pigs - The Didsbury Butchers will always seek to source products locally and from our own shores whenever possible. We will not allow economies to dictate supply as we feel that it is critical to inform our customers where the supply is from.

We are passionate about our produce, passionate about our village, our city, our trade and moreover are obsessive about good food, fine wine, dining and culinary innovation and quality. 

Little Pigs The Didsbury Butchers.